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Comparing the old and new mixes of Copper Blue by Sugar

If you didn’t know, Sugar’s back catalog (Copper Blue, Beaster, and FU:EL) have been remixed and re-released as boxsets that come complete with extra CDs with more material and DVDs with some music videos and MTV segments and the like.

I’ve ripped them all in Apple Lossless, and I still have my Apple Lossless rips of the original pressing CDs from ‘92-95 to hand, so I’ve been comparing them. I’m blown away. The new versions are richer, larger, and more defined than the original mixes. Each instrument has a lot more room to breathe in the mix. The difference is so large I could even hear it in the car, let alone on decent speakers.

If you’re a Sugar fan, I’d definitely recommend the new versions.

(The extra content includes about half of the tracks from the b-sides compilation Besides, the hard-to-find live CD that was included with the first 25,000 copies of Besides, called The Joke Is Always On Us, Sometimes, another live performance from Chicago in 1992 I haven’t heard before, and some other scraps like some BBC radio records (with awful sound quality)).